Recent Events


World Renowned British Luxury Designer Christopher Guy selected GCD to create the floral and décor ambiance throughout his showroom in the Penthouse of the New York Design Center. GCD collaborated with Ann Yauger, Special Events Manager along with Christopher Guy in order to accent and highlight his custom designs inspired by "Coco Chanel meets Mademoiselle." Please visit here to experience the video...


GCD was honored to provide 1,138 Roses which were delivered to the steps of Congress. This monumental date occurred on July 24th 2013 reflecting the Federal Rights granted with the repeal of doma where there is marriage equality. Click here to experience...

{ MILLENNIAL BALL 2.0 & 3.0}

GCD was proud to serve as Event Chair for the Millennial Ball 2.0 & 3.0 Fight against Cancer. GCD produced the event alongside Ambitious Media who brought together some of the most influential and socially-minded young people in NYC for a night of music, dancing, and magic. The event was showcased by the use of multiple décor accents that created a chique ambiance throughout the elite Marquee nightclub for the exclusive guest list. Click here to experience...

{ RNC }

– Liberty Plaza Event where GCD was commissioned as a consultant to produce over 23 events in 4 days. GCD handled the floral & décor while creating over all design concepts. Grymes Cannon orchestrated permits, fill & paving, furniture & décor, and overall production. Grymes was a figurehead whom had the largest tent 38,000 sq. feet, which included a 6,600 sq. foot Mezzanine where Trace Akins, Kid Rock & the legendary Journey performed…


The most exclusive private Halloween Party for the 1% of New York City, where the guest list is so exclusive names cannot be mentioned, however the Floral & Décor, which GCD provided, floored each guest. Actually, Grymes produced the event orchestrating all the vendors for the client.


Grymes Cannon Designs worked directly with Colin Cowie Celebrations to create an experience for the Exclusive Private Club located in New York City.


(Latin Themed) GCD & Tailored Twig created the design concept while fabricating authentic Palm Tree’s, Bamboo flower vessels, customized basket lights dangling from the clear tent as lanterns, cigar box arrangements in order to create a authentic Latin ambiance.


Brand Launching on Bond Street in London, where GCD was heavily involved with working with the founder on the attention to details in preparations for the launch. The overall success of the Grand Opening was due to GCD expertise.

Several other events larger then life events occurred which involved Grymes Cannon, however; confidentiality agreements keep him from speaking!